Looking for a way to raise money for your organization? Just about everyone either has a pet or knows someone who has one. Everybody who has a dog loves their four-legged friend, and they want to keep their dogs clean as much as possible. However, groomers can cost a fortune, and it’s not always practical to give the dog a bath at home.

You remember what it’s like, splashing and pulling, growling and barking, that’s if you even get them in the tub. Don’t forget what it’s like when their through, wet towels, fur everywhere, and when you’re cleaning up, your buddy is running his wet fur around your curtains and in your carpet. The first thing you think when you get finished cleaning up is I smell wet dog.

When your group partners with PetWash24 everybody wins, the group knows their return immediately.

No need to stand outside with signs trying to coax passing cars in for a wash.

The group sells wash tokens, each good for one wash that can be used anytime.

If the group wants to have a bake sale and wash dogs, that can be arranged.

Pet Wash 24 was developed as our area’s first self-service pet washing facility in support of honorably discharged veterans. We’re proud to partner with sports teams, church groups, dance teams, PTA organizations and much more. To find out how we can help you raise money for a good cause, and do it in style, contact us online or by phone today!